Submission Guidelines

We created uni(di)versity with the goal of providing space for outsider voices. If you have something you’d like to say, we want to help you say it!

These submission guidelines are intended to assist you as well as assist us. If, after perusing the guidelines thoroughly, you still have questions, please get in touch with us at


Before you continue, ask yourself: is this a piece about education, particularly post-secondary education? Is this piece written from a perspective that is critical of existing power structures in education and aims to empower people who inhabit the margins of mainstream education? If you have answered yes to both those questions, keep reading. If not, take a minute and think if this particular piece of writing is really a good fit for our blog.

We highly encourage submissions from people who are outsiders in traditional educational contexts. Aspects of identity – gender, race, ability, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, class, size, and the innumerable aspects that we have not mentioned – shape our experience in education, and we want to hear about those experiences.

Ensure that you own the copyright to the piece you intend to submit, and that you have the right to submit it for publication. If you wrote the thing and you haven’t submitted it for publication anywhere else, you’re probably good!

Edit your piece for spelling, grammar, and factual accuracy before submitting it to us. We’ll double-check it, but the bulk of the work is on you. If you find that facts changed as events progressed after you submitted your piece, be sure to get in touch and let us know.

Cite your sources. If a source is online, link to it within the piece, just like I am linking to Wikipedia here. If a source is not online, footnote it and include relevant title, author, and date of publication info.

Be prepared to have your work edited for grammar, style, structure, and clarity.

Submitting a piece is not a guarantee that it will be published. If you would like constructive feedback regarding why we chose not to publish your piece, you may contact us at We’ll do our best to give you some pointers and help you get your next piece posted.

To submit your piece:

  • Attach your piece to an email as a .doc, .docx, or .odf file.
  • Ensure the subject line begins with “FOR SUBMISSION:”.
  • In the body of the email, please clearly state the name under which you would like your piece to be published.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you do not explicitly state that you prefer  anonymity or a pen name, your piece will be published under any name you provide with your submission. That may be the name associated with your email address, or it may be the name you sign to your email.
  • If you’d like, you may also include a brief bio (100 words or fewer).
  • Send the email to

We reserve the right to publish any articles sent to us, unless they are clearly labeled “NOT FOR PUBLICATION”.


Read our comments policy first!

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