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Weekly Round-Up: July 12, 2013

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Round-Up!

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Start your weekend off with a photo exposé of a young girl’s daily route to school in rural Tanzania. Her hour-and-a-half journey puts our commutes to school into perspective.

Undoubtedly, Canadian post-secondary education faces a myriad of challenges. Educational innovators are casting pessimism aside, and luckily for us the Globe and Mail created an interactive feature on ‘Transforming the ivory tower’. These people are thinking seriously about how to rehash post-secondary institutions. And so should we.

Pakistan is on the MOOC—massive open online courses—bandwagon. While MOOCs are the latest education craze, Anant Agawaral share challenges in the current system. Most MOOCs are offered in English, and teach Western, liberal values.  Not to mention the fact that YouTube is blocked in certain countries!

Speaking of Pakistan, most of us have probably heard of Malala Yousafzai by now – the Pakistani student who was shot on her way to school by the Taliban. Now she’s an international spokesperson for education, and you can find Mr. Ban Ki Moon himself blogging about her upcoming visit to the UN.

When it comes to education, often it’s not enough to wait around for classroom learning – it’s important to go out and educate yourself. Over on wikiHow, there’s a guide – complete with great illustrations! – on the basics of how to support and respect a trans person.

And that’s a wrap. Hats off to our awesome readers who keep on reading and keep us motivated. We’ll be back on Monday with more enticing posts!


Operational Update

This week Devon is off on her summer reading break, and Caitlin is getting settled into her new home after a major move. As a result, this week we’ll have a slightly less packed posting schedule than usual, but you can expect us to be back up and running at our regular pace next week.