Weekly Round-up: June 21, 2013

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Round-Up!

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Start off your Friday with most graduates’ favorite moment: commencement (graduation, convocation — whatever flavor you prefer). The NY Times compiled 5 speeches, ranging from Stephen Colbert to Melinda Gates. And yes, we definitely noticed that the speakers selected were a bunch of white people.

Nalanda University, located in Northern India, was around long before Oxford and Cambridge. Now, it’s being rebuilt in Rajgir. It’s chancellor: Amartya Sen. Undoubtedly, Nalanda is an educational institution worth keeping an eye on.

On a slightly less cheery note, ever wonder how your major fares in terms of employability (read: unemployability)? Well, Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce has some insights. Unemployment rates are “relatively” low for recent grads in: in education, engineering, health and the sciences. You can check out the rest – we’d rather not break the “bad news”.

Do you know what a MOOC is? “Massive open online courses”– like Coursera– are rising in popularity exponentially. State universities in the US recently enrolled over a million students in Coursera.  Are MOOCs the answer to rising tuition, poor employment rates among graduates, and outdated learning methods? The jury is out, but it looks like MOOCs are here to stay.

Finally, something to work on thanks to Eli Steffen, who gives you 10 ways to challenge your cis-gender privilege so you can stop being a ‘pronoun cissy’.

And, that’s a wrap. Enjoy your weekend. Check out Coursera. We’ll be back on Monday with more love from uni(di)versity!

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