Weekly Round-Up: May 24, 2013

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Round-Up!

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As we mentioned last week, creativity is a hot commodity in education right now. Everyone wants to get it, promote it, and benefit from it – even if they don’t understand it. Among those who don’t understand creativity is the UK State Secretary for Education – no matter how much he’d like you to think he does.

If you’re close to finishing up your degree and are looking for work, don’t be surprised if jobs seem in short supply. Youth unemployment is on the rise around the world. High rates of unemployment at the beginning of what should be our careers may set our entire generation behind when it comes to earning and saving money. Not to worry, though, Time magazine’s got our number – we’re all “lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with [our] parents.”


Also jumping on the “let’s make young people feel bad about themselves” bandwagon are several US school districts that have made the news recently thanks to some egregiously sexist dress codes. Girls are being punished for “distracting” boys in their classes, but it seems that no one in these school administrations is overly concerned about the female students being objectified.

Meanwhile, some of these students have been standing up for the quality and integrity of the educations they hope to receive. In Philadelphia, students walked out of classes three times in ten days to protest the proposed elimination of extracurricular activities at all the city’s public schools. Students and teachers in Seattle won a fight to keep standardized testing our of their classrooms. Chicago has seen days of protests by students, teachers, parents, and activists in response to the school board’s decision to close down 49 public schools serving mainly poor, racialized communities.

One of the protesters in Chicago was nine-year-old Asean Johnson. Take three minutes to watch his speech, and then feel bad that you weren’t this awesome before your age hit double-digits.

To all you lazy, entitled, revealingly-clothed narcissists: enjoy your weekend! We’ll see you Monday.


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