Weekly Round-Up: May 10, 2013

Welcome to our first ever weekly round-up of neat things we’ve read this week about education!

If you’ve got stories or links that you think ought to be shared for next week, you can email us at unidiversityblog@gmail.com, or tweet us @uni_di_versity.

It seems that last month, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights decided it was going to raise money with a charity auction. A laudable goal – and likely to be especially appreciated by whoever has $26,000 to shell out for the 6 week UN internship that’s up for grabs.

For those of us still trudging through exams, there’s yet more confirmation that lack of sleep can detriment academic achievement. So you over there, planning that all-nighter before your final? Back away slowly from the espresso and go take a nap.

This piece is from 2011, but is still unfortunately relevant: UK universities are oblivious to racial inequalities, in part because their overwhelming whiteness means “they ignore adverse outcomes and don’t see combating racial/ethnic inequalities as a priority.”

Over in the US, universities are getting even more inaccessible for students from low-income families. The percentage of merit-based scholarships – which often go to students who are already well-off – are increasing. Meanwhile, students from low-income backgrounds are charged tuition rates well beyond their means.

Lastly, some inspiration. Lucinda David is a former Chief Adjudicator of the World Universities Debating Championships, and she spoke at TEDxLundUniversity about the potential for social change through debate. Watch it – even if just for the anecdote about her encounter with armed rebels in Mindanao.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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