Want to write for an exciting new blog?

Hey, you. Yes, you!

Ever sat in a class listening to a prof drone on and on about old white
dudes without questioning a pedagogy that privileges Western, male voices?
Ever seethed in silence while a fellow student ignores marginalized
populations in class discussions? Ever felt like you don’t quite fit the
expectations of your post-secondary community because of your gender
expression, class, ethnicity, dis/ability, or other aspect of your identity?

If so, we want you to write for us! We are Devon Black and Caitlin
Williscroft, co-founders of the soon-to-be-launched uni(di)versity – a
blog about privilege and oppression in post-secondary education.

We want to create a space for discussion and criticism of how universities
operate now, and how we can make them better. We want to hear about
classes, student government, extra-curriculars, and everything to do with
student life. Most importantly, we want to be a space for people to be loud
when their educational communities tell them to keep quiet!

This is a big project, and we can’t do this on our own – which is why we’re
reaching out to you. Send us a pitch, and we’ll do our best to give you the
biggest soapbox we can.

What do you want to write about? In what areas has your experience made you
an expert? Do you want to write for us just once, or once a week, or
somewhere in between?

Send your answers to unidiversityblog@gmail.com. We want to do our best to
facilitate a conversation, not impose our own ideas – that’s the machine
we’re raging against! Get in touch before April 1st to help us shape this
project from the ground up. (And of course, we’ll continue to take pitches
and suggestions after the launch date!)

We’re also sure that while you read this, you thought “I know someone who
would be perfect for this!” We’d love for you to send this invitation on to
them, too!

We can’t wait to get started on this, and we hope you’re just as
excited. Get in touch, spread the word, and keep an eye out for our launch!

Devon & Caitlin
uni(di)versity co-founders


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